Zagreb, a bit unloved on the outside but very interesting underneath.

I came to Zagreb, capital, of Croatia from Maribor, second largest city in Slovenia. As usual I kept off the main roads so a 85k trip turned into 170k but, I had time.

I was warned the border crossing could be a nightmare as they check all passports, and most of Europe goes to holiday in Croatia, anyway I crossed the border somewhere, one car in front, 30 seconds with the Slovenian guard, about 45 seconds with the Croatian one as he actually asked me a question, and here I was in another new country.

First impressions of Zagreb were, it needs some loving. The buildings were poorly maintained on the outside but luckily my AirBnB was all new.

Wandering around I came across a small park with these statues in it.

Plus a cafe that seemed to cater to all my needs.

The next day I went to the Museum of Failed Relationships. Essentially a place for people to tell their stories of failed lovd and provide an object assoociated with tge relationship.

Some stories were very sad, others quite funny, like this one.

The highlight for me was the Technical Museum with a large part dedicated to Nikola Tesla who was born in Croatia.

The museum was amazing and covered areas such as fire fighting, steam to diesel engines, planes to dentistry, building design to satellites. They also had a demonstration coal mine.

I never knew that Alpha Romeo and Mercedes Benz both made aero engines. The most interesting for me though was the Rolls Royce Merlin engine used in the Spitfires during WW2 as my father was an engineer working at Rolls Royce on these engines.

Tesla was an amazing Engineer who also predicted in the early 1900’s a lot of the technology we have today.