Shakedown Ride Australia

Well in preparation to riding around Australia later this year, I went on a week long shakedown ride to the North of New South Wales.

I started out on a Wednesday with a bunch of riders from Newcastle and we did a small ride together but as it was a pretty wet day, they headed home.

I carried on to a small town call Walcha and from there onto the Apsley Falls where I camped for the night. Checked out the Kia Ora lookout but could see nought.

Met up with a couple of riders also camping and the next day we rode over the Oxley Highway to Kempsey. The Oxley is considered one of the best roads in Australia for bikes…I kind of agree.

From Kempsey, we took the Armidale Road to Ebor where I stayed the night but they carried onto to the coast. Went to see the Ebor Falls the next day, part of the Guy Falkes River.

The next day I found this road called the Old Glen Imnes Road so followed that. Turned out to be a 120k gravel road that was just amazing, with virtually no ttaffic. New campsite at the end of it called the Mann River Campside. Saw this huge Iguana on the road as well.

It was about 1.5 metres long

Glen Innes was very Scottish and had its own version of Stonehenge, in fact there is a town called Stonehenge not far away.

From Glen Innes it was along the road to Inverell, the Copeton Dam and camped at Bingara by the side of the river.

The next day I had the most amazing riding through various Stations (large farms). I forgot to turn my GPS tracker on so no real idea where I was but tje roads were empty, amazing and fast, at one point a bit too fast, but all ended well. I got back to Walca about midday where it started to rain but I carried on from there back to Newcastle via Nundle, Scone, Musselbrook, Maitland.

The last day involved a quick trip to Denman to see my sister, then onto the Bylong Valley Road to Rylstone, Lithgow, Katoomba and back to Sydney. In total about 2,600 kms in a week….Australia is big eh, but everything worked perfectly.