Back to Innsbruck, Austria.

Julia and were both sad to leave Slovenia but she had limited holidays so we had to go. Next stop was Austria to catch up with Lara and her family.

The day started out really well but as we headed up Grossglockner there was a taste of things to come, but the view wss stunning and Julia’s first Alpine Pass. On the way up my temporary repair to my fuel line failed but thanks to some new pipe Adrian gave me in Krakow I had it sorted in about 10 minutes (fully repaired now).

Once down the other side the weather was fine for the first couple of hours but then we hit a thunderstorm so took shelter under a tree.

The next day it was a tour of Innsbruck and this amazing liquer shop.

Went for a wee hike and as akways there is an Alm on top, cafe.

Then it was off to Germany to catch up with Heidi and James.