Slovenia, I think I have finally found home.

Slovenia, never really knew anything about it or where it was but, my oh my, what an awesome country. Not only is the country stunning but everyone I have met so far has just been awesome.

We started in Ljubljana, the Capital and they had a World Tour for Beach Volleyball on, plus an amazing night food market on Friday nights.

The place is full of amazing sights.

Plus at night, some great buskers. The girl just had to get up and dance as the drums were amazing.

Then the next day we headed to the Adriatic, to the small part of the sea Slovenia was left with after the break up of Yougoslavia.

Today we headed North and rode some of the most beautiful roads I have ever seen. Riding iup the Soća valley was so amazing I’m gonna do it again tomorrow, after visiting the border of Slovenia, Italy and Austria.

So, it is so amazing I might just need to stay here a bit longer, but Zoltan, still coming to visit you in Serbia.