Polish Wedding

So, finally my friends Adrian and Agnieszka got married. I met them in NZ 4 years ago and said I would come to their wedding, and voila.

The day started at each parents house where they gave their blessing to the union. Then it was off to the church but the Bride & Groom travel together to the church and along the way they must pass through a gate, which is a random roadblock. Here a tariff must be paid in order to pass through.

The church celebration is pretty similar.

Then at the reception there is something to do with spreading salt, drinking some bubbles and throwing the glasses over your shoulder.

At the reception, everyone enters behind the bride and groom to some rousing music, have a toast and then all line up to pass over any gifts and money (nobody told me about this part so I grabbed a bottle of vodka off a table and gave them that).

The food looked amazing…

But these were just the nibbles to help yourself to in between the three meals you are served during the evening. Needless to say there are many Vodka toasts and a lot of dancing.

I met some wonderful people at the wedding. Polish people are incredibly hospitable and I always enjoy coming back here. In fact, I now have another wedding invite for September, June 2019 and in 2020.

Oh yeah, the winner in the sock poll was