Breakdown in Horátev

Well yesterday was a bit eventful for me. All started well, another beautiful day and the gps doing its job sending me down some great roads.

About 2 hours in I got a bit lost with some road works but managed to find a way through so pulled over to take a break and as I was getting off I hit the top of one injector and the pipe broke on me.

Hmm, not good. A few calls to my friend Adrian in Krakow and he would see if he could get someone to come get me, plus a txt to Zuzanna in London, who is from the Czech Republic, and within about an hour they both had options available for a pickup.

Then a guy across the road from where I was parked came out and checked up on me, he told me there was a workshop about 100 metres away so I pushed the bike there and met Ebor

Within an hour we had re-engineered things from looking like this

To this

Six hours later I made it back to Krakow and a new part should arrive tomorrow morning for fitting just before Adrian’s wedding.

Anyway, huge thank you to Ebor, Adrian and Zuzanna and what a great network of friends I have.