Little Russia, here I come….

So, to set the record straight, Little Russia is not actually in Russia but is the nickname given to Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

It is a small town with some nice buildings and I was let to believe, lots of Russians…don’t think I met any Russians.

Anyway, I was not staying there, I have been feeling guilty about my lack of camping so decided to just rough it. The roads to Roughing It though were some of the best.

So the Roughing It site looks like this..

Loads of security…

Interesting cars

And every room has a different name.

Hmmmm, did I mention the cost is only €44 which includes breakfast, sauna, swimming pool and jacuzzi.

The place it seems was a hunting lodge of King Charles 4th, so I feel right at home 😀 and check out the phone, that still works.