Riding Route 66

Today I headed back to Poland and started the day riding on the Slovakian Route 66. Pleasent road but with lots of traffic and I managed to go the wrong way up a slip road, but no drama, realised and turned around.

The above is a castle on Route 66. I turned off it and headed along Route 72 which was much nicer and climbed to about 1,200 metres.

I then headed through the Tatra Mountains. These lie on the Northern Border of Slovakia with Poland and are a National Park. On the Slovak site I passed a large amusement park with this building.

Then in Poland I came across this wee beauty.

I’m staying the night in a place called Zakopane, 100k South of Krakow. Think Queenstown without a lake and you have it. Full of tourist and loads of bbq restaurants.

The place I’m staying at is just outside and very kewl features, they do a lot of weddings, two tomorrow.

And some Polish scaffolding to finish with.