First time to Slovakia

I left Vienna about 1000 today and made my way to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It look very colourful from a distance.

But I found a beautiful road to get there.

I did not stop in Bratislava on the recommendations of a number of people, maybe because most of the advertising hoardings were promoting strip clubs. Instead I made my way East to a place called Bansky Stiavnice.

This was the largest mining town in the Austrian/Hungarian empire and judging by the number of roofs in copper, I’m guessing a copper mine.

Beautiful town with some lovely old houses.

It also is the site of the first Mining University, now closed down.

I wonder what stories these cobbles could tell.

So tomorrow I will head further East, the Slovak version of Route 66 I have been told and back towards Krakow via the Tatra Mountains.