The Danube tour begins

So yesterday I started my trip along the Donau starting in a place called Donaueshingen. This is the confluence of two rivers, the Brigach and the Breg. From now on it is called the Danube.

I followed it to East of Ulm where ot gets a bit bigger.

I camped at Leipheim and there was a Kinderfest going on but luckily it was about 2k away.

They take their BBQ seriously though, no cutting up a beast, just do the whole thing.

In the morning a released a couple of ducks down the river to see who might get to the Black Sea first.

The river was a lot bigger in Ingolstadt (home of Audi). From here you get the large cruise boats on the river.

Tonight I’m in Passau which is another confluence town, this time we have the Inns (think Innsbruck) and the Ilz joining up so from here it becomes a much larger river. Tomorrow it will be onto Vienna for a few days.