Couchsurfing in Munich and BMW, BMW and more BMW

So I arrived in Munich yesterday and just spent the day cruising one street that I guess is a bit famous.

I visited a few bike shops and then went to BMW Weld to get my ticket for the three hour plant and museum tour. I spenf the evening with my host who is a BMW Engineer working on Autonomous Driving so it was a great evening chatting.

Today though was my big tour at BMW Weld and it was great. Seeing the production line in operation but also how BMW still revere the 2002, still one of my all time favourite cars.

The rest of the museum I will let the photos speak for themselves.

The purpose of the Weld building was to hand over new cars to their owners. BMW only manufacture to order and produce 2.5 million vehicles per year. In comparison, VW produce 3.5 million Golfs each year.

Here are some owners getting treated as VIPs as they spend over 2 to 3 hours getting the full immersion treatment.

I tried to say this red one was mine

Garry, this is the actual prototypes/model they created for your HP2

I finished the day with a cycle around Munichm which is so green, at a beer garden with my host Michael.