Just popped into Prague for lunch….cause I could.

Today was an easy day for me, left my friends in Chotebar and headed to Prague to catch up with a friend for lunch.

Czech roads.

Fields of potatoes.

Lunch wuth Veronika.

Half a duck, cost $10 in Prague. Also, here beer is cheaper than water. They tried to pass a law to ensure you could buy a soft drink cheaper than beer in pubs, it did not get passed.

Leaving Prague

Staying with friends of Heidi who I met in Christchurch six years ago.

View from their back door.

Next generation of bikers.

Biking size coffee and ice-cream.

Tomorrow I’m off to Munich for two nights. Staying with a BMW engineer, visiting the BMW factory and posting half my stuff back to Julia for safe keeping….why did I bring so much gear 🤔